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Display Domain Stats or Pagerank Widget for this domain on your website. Things built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests. Those that are strong will endure and strengthen. This influence will be with you until It can be felt most strongly earlier or later in the cycle, depending on whether you were born earlier or later in the sign of Aquarius.

This year, it will influence those born in the first two days of Aquarius and with an Aquarius Ascendant of degrees most. Detach yourself from these things as much as possible. Put things to rest. This can also be a time when you give of yourself to others, as you are valuing charity more than usual. You could be struggling with issues of self-worth, and this is a fine time to really explore what it is that holds you back from going after what you want and deserve in life. You are somewhat introspective at this time and you might isolate yourself from others in some manner—a process that tends to come naturally at this point.

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There can be some time. There can be a retiring, somewhat withdrawn or private element to your personality. Health issues, generally of a psychosomatic nature, may come to the fore. You may be attracted to alternative ways of living, and to self-study fields, such as psychoanalysis. There can be much to learn and enjoy during this cycle.

With Saturn in the background of your chart, you might often feel quite free of restraint. Saturn performs very well in its own sign Capricorn.

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The last time Saturn moved through Capricorn was from Your Aquarius Horoscope points to areas of your life that seem to speed up so that you can take some risks, innovate, and revolutionize. These areas include the following:.

In March , you entered a lengthy period in which communications, learning, and connections may be unpredictable and unusual, but also inspiring and exciting. This influence is with you until March However, this theme is shared by the beginnings of a new seven-year transit that first occurs from May 16th to November 6th. Until May 15th to November 6th , you continue to open yourself up to expressing your more unique ideas. Your daily life is bound to be very colorful.

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Regular encounters with neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances, as well as everyday activities and business activities, are all changing quite dramatically. Your interests can become quite eclectic during this cycle. Studies may be erratic or part-time. Swim through the wealth of love and creativity that will be flooding you-- take on a new project.

This unusual planetary movement may be challenging for individual horoscopes, basis the planetary placements therein. All that is required is their regular use.

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I am honored to be their listening ear and that they would honor my trust to share very deep thoughts. Nevertheless, your venusian qualities, namely charm, aesthetic taste, and receptiveness, remain valuable assets in order to assert your ambitions and to play a social role matching your true nature.

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